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We've got the best text and image generation tools in our corner. So you can just kick back and create.
Oh, and keep an eye out - Anthropic's joining the party soon!

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Get Online, Like, Yesterday

So Quick, You'll Double-Take.

Jump right into the content game. Whether you're team 'hosted-by-us' or team 'DIY-hosting,' we'll get you live and loud in no time.

From Headline to "Whoa, It Wrote That?
Got a catchy title? Watch Bongocat turn it into a full-blown, jaw-dropping article. No need to sweat the small stuff; we've got the research, writing, and editing covered.
Tweak, Twist, and Make It Yours
Every article's like clay in your hands. Spice it up, change things around, or add your special touch – with Bongocat, you're the boss.
Smart Stuff Without the Fuss
Up your content game with some clever touches. Perfect images? Check. Fresh content ideas? Got 'em. Smooth links and neat sidebars? It's all in there. Let Bongocat's smarts make you look even cooler.
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Sleek and Speedy

Easy-Peasy Setup

Skip the usual tech headaches. Pop in with a fast setup, pick a snazzy design, and boom – you're online. Oh, and we've made sure the SEO gods are already smiling at you.

Keep the Content Coming.
Got an idea? Turn it into a post before your coffee goes cold. Line 'em up, and keep your followers always coming back for more.
Your Unique Spot on the Net
Thanks to our server magic, every site gets its own special IP. No drama, no link-farm side-eyes, just you doing your thing.
Google's New Bestie
We've made sure our sites are like catnip for Google. Fast, clean, and spot-on – each piece of content is ready to soar up those rankings.
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Straight-Up Pricing, No Funny Business

One single subscription for your website, hosting and AI generated content and images. No need for any other subscription or service its all built in!


$79 /month

An integrated solution that works out of the box.

  • 50 AI generated posts /month
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support
  • Official Bongocat t-shirt
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For users that want or need more

  • Self hosted
  • Lifetime updates
  • No limitations
  • Bring your own keys
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Frequently asked questions

If you want to get a customised solution please reach out to the team and we can work with you to find the right way to move forward.

We're currently working on releasing more ways to edit and create content from within your blog CMS and tools that will make the content creation process even more accessible.

We've brought those services directly into your blog system itself, so you're not stuck paying multiple subscriptions, but you're also not using multiple tools, saving promotes, and copy-pasting and editing constantly. It's all done from the same place your content lives.

For generating content, all you need is a title, and you will select from either the built-in prompt chain library or you can create new ones that are saved for reuse. It's the same with your images. We have built Bongocat so you can ensure you have a consistent style and theme for your whole site, always.

Every account has a library of prompts that you can use to create your content. These have been tested and are using best practices to create the highest quality output. We also have a Discord where we will create and post new and more effective prompts as time passes.